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What's up everyone? Just so it's well known I've finally finished my first book, Trials and Tribulations. If you'd like to give it a look it'll be available as a physical copy through Amazon later this week, or as a digital copy through the Kindle Book store right now!

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Fantasy Wedding(Graphic)
Just a short piece that appears in one chapter of my book, Trials and Tribulation, due to be released early in March. Feel free to tell me what you think.
Guard Tail by DWBloodfin
Guard Tail
Pairs with a guard tail to make a twin set ready to deal damage.
Long Tail by DWBloodfin
Long Tail
This is basically a sharp chunk of steel strapped to the wielders arm.

FimFiction Update. Make sure to check my page for first looks at all of my stories.

So I'm currently working through chapter 4 of 'The Eagle's Regalia', I love writing these but I've come to realize that I really need a bit of a break from that plot line. What does this mean for all of my readers? Effective after I finish 'The Eagle's Regalia', or possibly it's follow up story, all Chronicles of The Edge stories will be suspended for a short time, I will come back to them but I had the idea for another story set. What I'll be writing during my break is going to be called 'Legends Retold'. The idea behind the set will be to rewrite historical or mythological legends (real or fake) as if ponies had carried out the actions detailed in them. I have a few legends I want to put up absolutely, these include but are not limited to;

Beowulf the Brave

Sigurd, Last of The Volsung

Herakles and The Hydra

This is not the complete list of what will be on there, in fact I may update it when I just need sometime to myself. I want these to very pictual so if anypony would like to design some images to be used in the individual legends I would very much appreciate it, just PM me and I'll tell you what I'm looking for. Also if there is a specific legend you would like to see rewritten just add a comment below or on my Twitter (DWBloodfin) or Facebook page, #Bloodfinswriting.

Now on to Chronicles of The Edge news. I'll start by saying that I have planned out several books to follow. These include;


The Frigid Winters

To Glass

Creepy Crawley


These next few effectively tie up the saga. So what does that actually mean? All it means is that portion of the story is told, I will continue to use those characters in future installments under the label 'Lost Princes'. It will still be the same principle, just under a different name for reasons you'll learn of in 'Hunted'.

Now for brand new stuff all together. I'm starting a community fueled writing project to commence sometime after I start 'Legends Reborn'. How this will work is simple, I'll write each one based off of your suggestions. Suggestions will be place in the comments below as follows;

Genre (Action, Comedy, etc...)

Type (HiE, Strictly Ponies, Anthro, etc...)

Starting Cast

General Length (1-3 Chapters)


Basic Idea (I.E. : [pony] goes to school for the first time where she meets [MLP] and joins the CMC, adventures follow.)

I'll pick and choose different elements to use and make the best story I can. I will NOT be writing clop fics at this time, perhaps sometime in the future I will start a seperate account for all of your clop fic suggestions depending on the feedback. These will not be a constant thing, but when I post up that I'm taking suggestions that story will take precedence over everything else. These are meant to be short to draw my attention away from the stress of everyday life so I hope you'll assist me in this.

That's all for now, check back in the future for another update.


United States

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